For an exotic addition to a tropical garden, this plant is a great bet! A young and long lanceolate glossy green fronds sprout upwards before they lower downwards like a crown or a bird's nest. Use this plant as a dazzling display of foliage when planted in a suspended pot or as a feature shrub in a cool tropical garden.

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Bird's Nest Fern (Asplenium Nidus)

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    • Place in a warm humid environment with part sun to shade conditions.
    • Plant in soils rich in peat moss and organic material or in nutrient-rich soils that are well-drained.
    • Water often (1x per day).
      keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.
    • Fertilize monthly with a dilute solution of organic fertiliser.
  • Botanical Name

    Asplenium nidus

    Plant Type

    Australian Climber Fern

    Mature Growth Dimensions

    (Height x Spread)

    1.5 m x 95 cm

    Sun Exposure




    Bird and Wildlife Attracting?


    Foliage Type

    Elongated Linear

    Foliage Colour

    Green, Black