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This variegated variant of the Dianella Tasmanica gives off a striking display of contrasting cream and dark green strappy foliage. During springtime, this plant produces small blue liliaceous flowers that sprout from the tip of stalks that emerge from the main foliage.

Add contrast to any native garden with this select plant that creates excellent colour when it is mass planted for ground cover or in a single pot as a feature.


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Dianella Destiny

    • Plant in Full Sun to Part Sun environments
    • Suitable in any soil condition that is moist and has good drainage.
    • Mulch well with chunky mulch
    • Water once a day during establishment
    • Water once a week in general care
    • Use a slow-release fertilizer during spring 
    • Remove dead leaves as required or cut back every 1-3 year

    Tolerant of these conditions
    Moderate Frost and Drought

    Not Tolerant of these conditions

  • Botanical Name

    Dianella tasmanica

    Plant Type

    Grass, Ground Cover

    Mature Growth Dimensions

    (Height x Spread)

    40 cm x 35 cm

    Sun Exposure

    Full Sun, Part Sun



    Bird and Wildlife Attracting?


    Foliage Type

    Strappy with a round growth habit.

    Foliage Colour

    Green, Cream


    Yes, Liliaceous

    Flower Colour


    Flowering Season


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