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Pennisetum Red Riding Hood is a hardy, clumping dwarf perennial grass that blooms an abundance of fluffy arching red-pink plumes from spring to autumn. The flowers sit high above the burgundy-toned foliage and display a stunning color. Red Riding Hood is fast-growing, an ideal border for or those with small spaces in their gardens and can be used in containers. This variety has also been shown to help with erosion control on embankments. They thrive in fertile, free-draining soils, in full sun to part shade positions. Once established, Red Riding Hood is a low-maintenance plant, tolerant of high temperatures, humidity, and wind and able to withstand light frost. Fertilize with a slow release once a year in spring. Prune back every few years to encourage new growth. Pennisetum setaceum Red Riding Hood can grow to a height and width of 75 cm.

Dwarf Purple Fountain Grass "Pennisetum Red Riding Hood"

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