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Ricinocarpus Bridal Star is a native Australian evergreen shrub. With an upright growing habit. Its foliage is dark green and nettle shaped that spreads along branches in an upright habit. In summer and spring, the plant produces an abundance of small, white flowers that  spawn on the tip of the shrubs.


Ideal for shrubberies, screening and hedging. 


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  • It can survive sub-tropical, warm temperate, and mediterranean climates. Must be exposed to Full or Part Sun in Sandy, Loamy, Sandy loam or Saline soils that are Neutral to Slightly Acidic. After establishment, it can tolerate light frost and drought and is low maintenance.

  • Plant Type Australian Native Shrub
    Potted Dimension (HxW)  
    Mature Growth Dimension (HxW) 2m x 2m
    Foliage Type Elongated Linear
    Foliage Colour Green


    Yes, Ligulate
    Flower Colour White
    Flowering Season Spring, Summer


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