Lilly Pilly or Hinterland Gold is a fast-growing evergreen native shrub or small tree. It features an attractive green glossy foliage and feathery, cream-white flowers followed by purplish-pink, fleshy, edible berries. A highlight of this plant is that new growth is coloured in red and gold/copper tones that turn to green as they mature.


This plant works well as a screen or hedge plant in any garden.

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Lilly Pilly (Hinterland Gold)

  • Plant in an open, sunny position in well-drained, composted soil with a good mulch layer around the base of the plant. Keep mulch away from the trunk to avoid rotting. To encourage a compact habit or maintain a certain shape prune back lightly several times throughout the year.

  • Plant Type Evergreen Hedge Shrub
    Mature Dimension (HxW) 6m x 3m
    Sun Exposure Full Sun
    Bird / Wildlife Attracting No
    Foliage Type Acuminate - Tapering To A Long Point
    Foliage Colour Copper, Gold, Green, Orange, Red
    Flowering Yes, Panicles
    Flower Colour Cream, White