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Malus 'Profusion' is a beautiful, upright but small-growing, deciduous tree with a spreading, rounded habit that is a very showy feature when in bloom. After flowering the shiny green foliage creates the ideal shade tree for smaller or larger gardens alike. Flowering profusely from a young age Malus Profusion will be rewarding from the outset. Opening from deep red buds, the masses of fragrant, deep-pink flowers will blanket the entire tree in pretty clusters of deep pink flowers from mid-spring, followed by the small fruit which is deep crimson to purple in colour and can be left as an ornamental intertest or used to make jams or jellies. Malus Profusion's new foliage has a coppery tinge before turning to a lush green, and the foliage is rounded, glossy, and attractive through the season. Malus Profusion can be pruned immediately after the fruiting period is complete if you wish to shape the tree. It is not a tree that demands regular pruning, so maintenance is low. Malus Profusion is also a good cross-polinator for several varieties of apple. Prefers deep, well-drained soils in full sun, though a little shade throughout the day is well tolerated. Fertilise with an all-purpose fertiliser when required. This flowering crabapple is hardy and has a good disease resistance.

Malus Profusion Crab Apple

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