Looking for contrast to the usual green grass? The Variegated Mondo Gross is a fast-spreading grass that features long strappy green leaves with cream stripes giving the plant its name. With such a unique combination, this plant works well as a contrasting ground cover and border outlining due to its cream colour which stands out against any grassy areas, and during spring, the plant sprouts a long flower spike with small white flowers on the tip. 

Can be used as a ground cover in partly shaded and fully shaded areas as well as a lining grass as a border for garden islands and walls.

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Mondo Grass Variegated

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    • Grows in shaded environments of Part Sun and Shade.
    • Plant in well-drained, moist fertilized soils.
    • Water 3x per week during establishment.
      Water 1x per week during general care, keep the soil moist.
    • Fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer annually.

    Tolerant of these conditions.
    Frost, Wind

    NOT Tolerant of these conditions.
    Heat, Drought

  • Botanical Name

    Ophiopogon intermedians

    Plant Type

    Long Grass

    Mature Growth Dimensions

    (Height x Spread)

    40 cm x 40 cm

    Sun Exposure

    Part Sun, Shade



    Bird and Wildlife Attracting?


    Foliage Type

    Linear - Parallel Margins, Elongate/Strappy - Grass Like in a round growth habit.

    Foliage Colour

    Cream, Green


    Yes, Small Campanula

    Flower Colour


    Flowering Season