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Apple Leprechaun is a compact dwarf Granny Smith variety that produces full-size Granny Smith apples without having to be grafted onto a dwarf rootstock. This deciduous tree offers a crisp green apple and a flush of spring flowers that will bring color and bees to the garden. Apple Leprechaun is well suited to small gardens and pots due to its size, excellent for those wanting the best of both worlds; traditional full-sized fruit produced from limited space. This Apple Leprechaun will fruit from January to May and benefits from full sun exposure. Apple Leprechaun is relatively low maintenance. It does prefer regular deep watering when dry and complete fertilizing in colder winter months. It is ideal for another apple to be planted nearby; the most well-suited being Pinkabelle. Apple Leprechaun rarely requires pruning. Apple Leprechaun can grow to a height of 2 m with a width of 1 m.


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Apple Leprechaun™

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