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Apricot 'Fireball' has clean, smooth skin shaded dark orange. Apricots are a nutritious fruit, high in Vitamin A with an incredibly sweet, juicy flavor. This particular variety is also self-pollinating. Apricot Fireball will make an excellent addition to any garden and can be used as a single feature tree. This variety is susceptible to early frost but is generally drought tolerant. Plant in well-drained soil with full to partial sun exposure. Water well and keep soils moist until the tree is established. Use a slow-release fertilizer when planting and again after new growth appears. Prune if desired as this will encourage new healthy growth. Although Apricot Fireball is self-fertile, it will benefit from cross-pollination from another apricot or plum, and will result in greater fruit production. The fruit matures over November to December, providing a refreshing treat over the summer months. Apricot Fireball can grow to a height of 4 m with a width of 3 m.

Apricot 'Fireball'

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