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Information courtesy of Plants Growers Australia


Arthropodium ‘Te Puna’ is a plant with exceptional garden performance characteristics, growing in dry shade, where it is typically challenging to find suitable plants. ‘Te Puna’ is a dwarf rock lily native to New Zealand. Here in Australia, it performs exceptionally well, rewarding with a mass of white flowers during the spring and summer periods. When planted in shaded areas, the flowers allow for illumination, adding light to the dark corners of the garden. This variety is dainty and will not only provide home gardeners with a hardy tufting plant. It also lends itself to domestic and commercial landscape plantings, where it has proved successful in a wide range of environs, planted under trees, in the shade of buildings and mass-planted around car parks and other open spaces. Generally, no pruning is required. Remove flower stems as they fade to promote more blooms. Fertilise annually with a long-term slow-release fertiliser. Arthropodium Te Puna will grow to a height of 40cm and a width of 50cm.


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New Zealand Rock Lily "Arthropodium Te Puna"

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