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A popular Asian pear variety producing, round apple like fruit with russet brown skin and mildly sweet, crisp white flesh. The fruit is ideal for plucking straight off the branch and eating fresh, cooking in desserts and for preserving. he tree itself is deciduous with a dense, upright, spreading habit. Ideal for planting in backyards, large pots and containers and for training as an espalier. Plant in an area of full sun, although they can tolerate partial sun. This variety prefers light, rich soils with good drainage but will tolerate heavier clay-rich soils. Chojuro requires moderate maintenance. Protect from pear and cherry slug. Mulch well to conserve moisture. Prune well after harvest to manage branch growth and to prevent overcrowding. It will benefit from cross-pollination, including varieties such as Nijisseiki. Nashi Chojuro can grow to a height of 5 m and a width of 4 m.

Asian Pear 'Nashi chojuro'

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