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ENERGY Garden is a fully granulated, environmentally friendly, premium organic based fertiliser. It has a high analysis of trace elements, formulated to supply all the necessary nutrients poor sandy soils require. ENERGY Garden combines a range of essential nutrients, organic matter and soil amendments all in the one prill, avoiding the need for several products. High levels of calcium and potassium, in combination with blood and bone, humates and zeolite result in a slower release of fertiliser over a longer period of time. This ensures a healthier, more sustainable crop.  ENERGY Garden is an ideal product for pre plant or broad acre distribution. Designed to enhance flower and fruit  production, quality and quantity; rather than excessive growth, ENERGY Garden is adaptable to a wide range of soil types. 


Humates encourage beer plant response in poor growing conditions. They improve plant nutrient uptake by 40%, enhancing cell division and elongation, root penetration and oxygen intake. This in turn improves fertiliser efficiency. Increased microbial activity, aids with moisture retention and improves soil structure. 

Other advantages include:  

  • Neutralises problems with pH extremes.
  • Reduces lockup rate of phosphate sources.    
  • Stabilises urea.
  • Improves chelating and buffering of sodium  
  • Increases beneficial fungi.  
  • Improves nitrogen efficiency.  
  • Stabilises most soluble fertilisers.  
  • Supplies carbon, minimising  carbon stripped from the soil.



Zeolite also builds up soils , increases nutrient efficiency and reduces leaching. It is negatively charged (like organic matter) attracting   positively charged ions like calcium and ammonium. This making them available for plant uptake.  With a very high ca on exchange capacity, Zeolite increases the ability to hold and release nutrients.  A large internal surface area and porosity enables greater infiltration and  retention within the soil,  increases CEC and aeration. Zeolite treatment is also more permanent. It does not breakdown and performs as a soil recovery product, building up over  me with the application of fertilisers.  Zeolite naturally extracts phosphorus that has been locked up in the soil, enabling phosphorus uptake. This minimises leaching into our waterways, a common problem with sandy soils. 

Baileys Energy Garden Fertiliser 10kg

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