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Baileys Premium Potting Mix is a one-stop product for all growing needs. It is ideal for a wide variety of plants including fruit, vegetables, herbs, seedlings, roses and most other potted plants and flowers. You need only pot and water as complete nutrition is supplied with the addition of two forms of controlled release fertiliser, 3-4 month and 8-9 month, ensuring vigorous and sustained growth. Premium Potting Mix is manufactured to Australian Standards Mark 3743, contains the soil wetter Grosorb and is Waterwise Approved.

  • Contains the soil wetter Grosorb for good water penetration and drainage
  • Waterwise approved product
  • Manufactured to Australian Standards Mark 3743 to ensure quality
  • Fully composted during manufacture to kill off weed seeds, pathogens and diseases
  • Contains two forms of controlled release fertiliser, 3-4 and 8-9 month. Feeds for up to 9 months

Baileys Premium Potting Mix 25L

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