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Blueberry Sunshine Blue (Vaccinium corymbosum) is a great fruiting berry plant to harvest delicious blueberries for use in cooking, or for simply eating on its own. The plant is a large deciduous schrub that has broad green leaves which are waxy and lush that sprout from its beautiful branches in the late winter. It produces white-pink small flowers that develop into vibrant deep blue blueberries during the late summer and autumn months.


Excellent as a harvesting fruit plant for people who own a fruit and vegetable garden who want to grow their own blueberries in a temperate climate. It's also a great addition to cold, temperate gardens as a side bush.

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Blueberry Sunshine Blue

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  • This variant can survive in most temperate climates, but will grow best in a colder climate and will not grow as well in mild winter climates.

    Blueberries prefer part sun, part shade environments in well-drained, sandy, fairly acidic soil. Wet the soil once daily to establish the plant and maintain plant health. Outside of these instructions, the plant is fairly low maintenance, only requiring very light pruning during the late winter season before new buds begin to shoot out. Cut off dead stems with no new branch buds, then fertilize with an acidic fertilizer to promote healthy growth.

  • Plant Type

    Deciduous Fruiting Shrub

    Mature Dimensions (HxW)

    1.2m x 1.2m

    Sun Exposure

    Full Sun, Part Sun



    Bird and Wildlife Attracting?


    Foliage Type

    Elliptic, No leaf tip

    Foliage Colour



    Yes, Bell Shaped

    Flower Colour

    White, Light Pink

    Flowering Season




    Fruiting Season

    Summer, Autumn

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