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Phormium Bronze Baby is a clump-forming dwarf plant that features upright, arching copper-coloured foliage. In summer, flower spikes are produced which attract nectar-feeding birds. As Bronze Baby is a dwarf form, it is perfect for those with small spaces in their gardens and is an outstanding feature plant, border in both the garden bed or pots and containers. This species thrives best in a sunny to partly shaded position, with well-drained soil. Phormium Bronze Baby is hardy, tolerating most conditions and soil types, and is relatively low maintenance once established. Apply mulch in spring to reduce weed growth and to keep the roots moist. Protect from moderate frosts. Ensure the crown of the plant is not planted below the soil level. Phormium Bronze Baby can grow to a height and width of 75 centimeters. 


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Bronze Baby

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