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Callistemon Dawson River Weeper is a tall native Australian endemic from Queensland evergreen shrub/small tree with weeping grey-green foliage. In springtime, bright red bottlebrush flowers create a spectacular display.


Great as a feature tree for small gardens.


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Callistemon 'Dawson River Weeper' Bottlebrush

  • This plant survives in Warm Temperate Climates / Mediterranean Climates. Plant in full to part sun in moist well-drained loamy soils. Water weekly for optimal growth and healthy maintenance. This plant can only survive moderate dry periods but does not fare well in extended drought periods. Light sprinkle or a native fertiliser in small quantities. It can tolerate marginal frost after establishment.


    Responds to light pruning after flowering to keep compact. This helps the plant to save resources into making more foliage and flowers.

  • Plant Type Native Australian Shrub
    Mature Dimensions (HxW) 4-6m x 3-5m
    Foliage Type Lanceolate, Weeping Habit
    Foliage Colour Green
    Flowering? Yes, Cylindrical Bottlebrush
    Flower Colour Red
    Flowering Season Spring


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