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Bred using the two species; Callistemon Captain Cook and Callistemon Little John, Callistemon Matthew Flinders adopts the dwarf, compact growth habit of Little John along with the leaf of Captain Cook. Throughout spring and autumn, Callistemon Matthew Flinders forms masses of large, bright red bottlebrush flowers. This evergreen, bird attracting shrub will make an excellent addition to any garden or landscape. Suggested uses include screening,hedging, rockeries, low maintenance and small native gardens. Callistemon Matthew Flinders will thrive in a sunny position in well-drained soils. Callistemon are hardy, adaptable shrubs that will tolerate the poorest soils and withstand water-logging for extended periods. They are also strong against moderate coastal exposure and short periods of dryness. Callistemon Matthew Flinders is waterwise and has a low water requirement once established. Prune after flowering to promote strong new growth. Callistemon Matthew Flinders can grow to a height of 75 cm and width of 50 cm.


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Callistemon 'Mathew Flinders' Bottlebrush

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