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The Camellia Volunteer (Camellia japonica) is a flowering shrub that is native to East Asia. The leaves are closely grown together and are broad and firm with a glossy dark green tinge This plant produces medium-sized pink-red rosette flowers with an abundance of tiny petals densely packed in a flower bud.


Ideal for planting as a specimen or used as a dense screen or in a pot. Perfect in any back garden or courtyard and is also good at attracting small birds.


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Camelia Volunteer

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  • Prefers a part sun environment in slightly acidic soils. Place a stake next to the young growth to encourage an upright growth habit and water well with liquid fertilizer to promote good root growth

  • Plant Type

    Japanese Plant, Shrub

    Potted Size

    5m x 4m

    Mature Dimensions

    5m x 4m

    Bird/Wildlife Attracting




    Foliage Type


    Foliage Colour



    Yes, Cylindrical Bottlebrush

    Flower Colour


    Flowering Season

    Autumn, Spring

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