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Camellia Plantation Pink produces large soft pink saucer-like, single flowers. This particular variety has a fast upright growth habit. Camellia Plantation Pink is an ideal container plant that will provide a delicate feature to any garden or landscape. This shrub can also be pruned into a hedge as well as screening. Camellias thrive in areas of full sun to semi shade and planted in a protected climate free from prolonged heavy frost. Camellia Plantation Pink benefits from soils that are acidic and well-drained. Camellia Plantation Pink does require moderate maintenance. Mulch to keep roots cool and keep dropped leaves and flowers swept or removed. Fertilising should begin with the first signs of new growth. Camellia Plantation Pink can grow to a height of 3 metres and a width of 1.5 metres.


Common NameSasanqua Camellia
Plant TypeEvergreen, Hedge, Outdoor, Perennial, Shrub
Dimensions3m high x 1.5m wide
SunlightPart Sun
Bird/Wildlife AttractingNo
Flower ColourPink
Foliage ColourGreen
Flowering SeasonAutumn, Winter
Botanical GenusCamellia
Botanical Speciessasanqua
Flower TypeRosaceous - Like A Rose In Shape Or Appearance
Foliage TypeCuneate - Wedge Shaped, Acute Base
Market NamePlantation Pink
Width150 cm
Height300 cm



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Camellia Plantation Pink

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