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Cottonwood Hibiscus also known as Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra,  is a rounded medium-sized native tree with heart-shaped, deep green to red foliage. During spring this tree produces attractive yellow flowers that stand out against the dark foliage. Cottonwood Hibiscus is an incredibly versatile tree and commonly used as a dense screening tree, hedge, or as a shade aswell as a feature tree. It thrives in areas of full sun and is adaptable to most soils however it does prefer moisture. Cottonwood Hibiscus has a tolerance to drought and will attract birds to the garden. Cottonwood Hibiscus is a relatively low maintenance and water-wise plant. Being an Australian native, it is well accustomed to Australia's ever-changing climate meaning it is extremely hardy and will tolerate Australia's sometimes harsh conditions. Cottonwood Hibiscus can grow to a height of 8 m and a width of 5 m.


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Cottonwood Hibiscus

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