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Cupressus Swanes Gold is an evergreen conifer with golden green foliage and grows in a dense, upright, columnar manner. Cupressus Swanes Gold can be used in many garden and landscape situations, including lining feature walls, fences, paths and driveways. They can also be planted in a pot or container. Cupressus Swanes Gold thrives in moist, well draining soils, planted in full sun areas, although it can adapt to suit semi shaded positions. Water regularly until established, Cupressus Swanes Gold will appreciate a feed in Spring with a slow release fertiliser. Frost hardy, Cupressus Swanes Gold requires low maintenance. Prune as desired to encourage a more compact growth. Cupressus Swanes Gold will grow to a height of 5m and maximum width of 1m, although width will vary depending on conditions.

Cupressus Swanes Gold Conifer

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