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Dianella caerulea Little Jess is a hardy native grass with glossy dark emerald foliage. Little Jess is a dwarf with a clumping growth habit. Its' short, compact canes produce masses of bold violet flowers which cascade and contrast against its' vibrant green foliage. In summer it will produce attractive clusters of purple berries. Dianella Little Jess can be used in a variety of areas including most commercial and residential plantings, mass plantings, roadsides, and excellent for erosion control. It prefers full sun and moderate to heavy shaded positions. Little Jess is waterwise and has the ability to tolerate drought and humidity making it suitable for a variety of soils. Water until established, further watering will depend on climate. Plant in a well mulched garden, and prune as desired. Slow release fertiliser can be used every spring if necessary. Dianella Little Jess will grow to a height and width of 40cm.


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Dianella Caerulea Little Jess

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