The White Brazilian Jasmine (Dipladenia sanderi) is native and endemic to the State of Rio in Brazil. The My Fair Lady variant is a fast-growing vine that feature dark glossy leaves and showy pink flower buds which bloom white funnel-shaped flowers with a yellow centre, speckled pink near the underside.


These plants are well suited to cover walls, fences and unsightly areas. It can be also kept in small containers with a free-draining potting mix. Dipladenia My Fair Lady can also be mass planted without climbing support to provide a striking feature.

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Dipladenia My Fair Lady White Brazellian Jasmine

  • Plant this species in full sun to part shade environments, with well-drained soil. Relatively low maintenance and is frost tender. Prune lightly to keep the plant compact. Feed with a slow-release fertiliser in spring and summer for optimum results.

  • Plant Type Climbing Perennial Vine
    Mature Dimension (HxW) 5m x 2m
    Sun Exposure Full Sun, Part Sun
    Bird / Wildlife Attracting No
    Foliage Type Obtuse - Bluntly Tipped
    Foliage Colour Green
    Flowering Funnelform - The Corolla Shaped Like A Funnel
    Flower Colour Pink, White, Yellow
    Flower Season Winter, Spring, Summer