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The Eremophila Magic Blush is a shrub that is native to Western Australia. It features elongated foliage that grows from its many stems and produces reddish-pink flowers scattered alongside the foliage during the summer and autumn months.


Useful in a native and wildlife gardens and can also be used as control for erosion. 


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Eremophila Magic Blush (Emu Bush)

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  • This plant prefers a Mediterranean climate. Plant in full sun, low humidity environments in loamy, sandy or clay soils that are well-drained with neutral to mildly acidic conditions. Mulch after planting to maintain moisture and humidity of the soil and the plant establishes. Once established, it can tolerate mild frost and moderate drought conditions.


    A light prune after flowering will give the plant shape. One pruned, follow up with a native slow-release fertiliser. 

  • Plant Type Native Australian Shrub

    Potted Size (HxW)

    150cm x 150cm
    Mature Dimensions (HxW) 1.5m x 1.5m
    Foliage Type Elliptic - Oval-shaped
    Foliage Colour Dark Green
    Flowering? Yes, Labiate
    Flower Colour Pink, Red
    Flowering Season Summer Autumn


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