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The Flooded Gum (Eucalyptus rudis) is grown in the Southwest of WA, from Geraldton to Albany, growing in most soil types in wet areas such as swamps, lake edges and floodways. Its leaves are shaped like an elongated egg when young and change to a linear shape when mature. The white flower of the gum blooms between summer and autumn with an abundant nectar supply, making it a good source of food for local birds, bees and native wildlife.


These fast-growing trees are ideal as feature trees or as shelter for livestock.

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Eucalyptus Rudis (Flooded Gum)

  • This tree is very tolerant of waterlogging and is tolerant against moderate drought seasons and in soil with high salt content. Even so, this tree will still grow best in full sun and optimal soil conditions.

  • Plant Type Australian Native Tree
    Mature Dimensions (Height x Spread) 20m x 4m
    Sun Exposure Full Sun
    Bird / Wildlife Attracting Yes
    Foliage Type Panicles
    Foliage Colour Blue-Green, Grey
    Flowering Yes
    Flower Colour White
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