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Gardenias are stunning evergreen shrubs with lush glossy dark green foliage and beautifully perfumed white or cream-coloured flowers. Gardenia are recognized as being some of the most highly fragrant flowers in the world. Previously known as Gardenia augusta, Professor Pucci produces particularly large, soft-petaled, creamy-white double flowers which are long-lasting. These beautiful plants are suited to many situations including hedging, decorative containers in courtyards, mass plantings, and under-planting to mention a few. Plant in a partly shaded sheltered area that is well-drained and humus-enriched acidic soil. Flowering occurs during late spring and through the warmer months. If watering is maintained and some shade provided, gardenias will tolerate some high temperatures. Gardenias do like their water and will wilt when thirsty so mulching is beneficial and regular watering during the flowering season is important. Feed Gardenias regularly to promote lush foliage and heavy flowering, particularly during the growing season. Professor Pucci can be pruned/trimmed/shaped after flowering. Gardenias can also be topiarised and make a beautiful standard as a feature plant. Gardenia Professor Pucci grows to 1.2m high and 1.2m wide.


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Gardenia Professor Pucci

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