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Grevellia 'Knockout' is a native Australian shrub that has dark green foliage growing in a compact habit. The flowers on these plants are striking, showing off bright red and yellow flowers during the winter and spring. Which is distinguished and stands out against the foliage.


Works well as a shrub and is a good addition to a native garden. 


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Grevillea Knockout PBR

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  • This plant can handle warm and cool temperate climates as well as Mediterranean climates. This plant should be planted in full sun environments and in well-drained sandy, clay, loamy soils with neutral to acidic conditions. This plant is water-wise and is low maintenance as well.

    Once established, this plant can tolerate light frost and is drought resistant

  • Plant type Australian Native Shrub
    Purchased Size (WxH) 200cm x 250cm
    Mature Dimensions (HxW) 1m x 1m
    Foliage Type  Elongated Linear
    Foliage Colour Dark Green
    Flowering? Yes, Terminal Clusters
    Flower Colour Red, Yellow
    Flowering Season Winter, Spring


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