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The Hardenbergia Free n Easy (Hardenbergia violacea) is a species native to the East Coast of Australia from Queensland to Tasmania. It is a vigorous evergreen climber and trailing plant featuring mid-green oval leaves. The plant produces long trails of white, pea flowers suffused with lavender-pink ones.


This plant makes for great ground cover but will be able to climb on fences and is always a good addition to native gardens.

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Hardenbergia Free n Easy

  • Plant in full sun environment in well-drained soils (though the plant can tolerate many soil types). Water regularly and prune to shape when needed and after flowering.

  • Plant Type Native Australian Vine
    Mature Dimension (HxW) 2m x 2m
    Sun Exposure Full Sun, Part Shade
    Bird / Wildlife Attracting Yes
    Foliage Type Obovate
    Foliage Colour Green
    Flowering Papilionaceous - Resembling A Butterfly
    Flower Colour Lavender, Pink, White
    Flower Season Winter, Spring
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