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Bauhinia x blakeana (Hong Kong Orchid Tree) is a striking evergreen tree that displays a rounded, spreading canopy composed of large, thick green bilobed leaves that grow to 7-10cm long and 10-13cm wide. Fragrant liliaceous pink-purple flowers bloom from late spring until early autumn, the large elegant flowers are 10-15cm in size. An excellent feature tree for medium to large gardens and for mass plantings in parks. An ideal specimen for coastal climates where it is protected from winds. Drought and frost tolerant once established. Suitable for full sun to partly shaded positions, however optimal growth will occur when planted in a area that receives direct overhead sunlight. Bauhinia x blakeana will grow to a height of 8m and a width of 5m.

This plant can be used as a feature tree for medium-to-large gardens.


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Hong Kong Orchid Tree 'Bauhinia x blakeana'

  • The Hong Kong Orchid Tree can grow in full sun and partly shaded conditions. They tend to produce optimal growth if they are in an area with direct overhead sunlight.


    This plant is ideal for coastal climates in places where it is protected from the wind. Once established, this plant is tolerant to drought and frost.

  • Plant Type Legume Tree
    Mature Dimensions (HxW) 8m x 5m
    Sun Exposure Full Sun, Part Shade
    Bird / Wildlife Attracting No
    Foliage Type Bilobed
    Foliage Colour Green
    Flowering Yes, Liliaceous
    Flower Colour Pink, Purple
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