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This very hardy attractive palm is a slow growing multi-stemmed palm which makes a fantastic indoor plant. Rhapis excelsa prefers a moist well-drained soil in a sheltered temperate location but will adapt to a wide range of climates, soils, and environments making for a very versatile specimen. Also known as 'slender lady palm', 'bamboo palm', 'fan palm', finger palm', and 'parlor palm', 'Lady Palm' is the most recognized. In it's natural habitat this palm can reach 14' tall and can form clumps of similar width. Rhapis excelsa bears large thick leaves with blunt tips and wide segments on sturdy canes or stems which are covered with a fibrous sheath of course dark brown fiber. Rhapis excelsa is fairly cold hardy and can tolerate tropical and subtropical temperatures, handling both humid and dry climates. Being a prolific producer of rhizomes adds a fullness to the plant, although growth rate mainly depends on the environment and culture. This lovely 'air-purifying' plant is easy to grow, and possibly the easiest of all palms, tolerating low-light areas better than other palms although it prefers bright, indirect light, so near windows and skylights is preferred. Rhapis excelsa prefers a moist well-drained soil and drying out severely can cause damage to the foliage and tip burn. The best way to prune these palms is to trim off the lower leaves as they age or become discolored. If the new growth dies this usually means that the whole trunk will need to be cut out. It is a sign that the trunk has rotted so the other green leaves will eventually go brown and die. Fertilizer is rarely required as they are so slow growing. If the leaves start to go yellowish it needs some nutrients, so fertilize at half the strength recommended for other plants. Avoid over fertilizing.


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Lady Palm

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