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Acmena smithii Allyn Magic is an Australian native ideal for its use as a low hedge. Commonly known as the 'Lilly pilly', Acmena smithii Allyn Magic produces dark green foliage as well as a generous amount of new growth which is a deep bronze maroon shade, adding a spectacular contrast in any garden setting. Acmena smithii Allyn Magic will bloom small white flowers early to late summer. This plant is relatively low maintenance as it does have a high resistance to any sort of pest attack, in particular psyllids. Popular uses for Acmena smithii Allyn Magic include hedging, topiary as well as bonsai's. Its' dwarf habit makes it ideal as a low hedge for pathways. Plant Acmena smithii Allyn Magic in an area of full sun to part shade, with free-draining soil. Avoid areas exposed to heavy frost. Water regularly while establishing the plant. Use a slow-release fertilizer in spring and autumn as this plant is slow-growing and regular fertilizing will promote new growth. Prune as desired. Acmena smithii Allyn Magic will grow to a height and width of 50cm.


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Lilly Pilly Allyn Magic

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