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Lilly Pilly Acmena smithii 'Goodbye Neighbours' is an ideal choice for those seeking a very popular fast growing screening plant - it can grow at a rate of 2m per year, growing to a height up to 6 m high and a width of 2 m, but can easily be kept to 1.8m high. It has dense green and bronze foliage that will produce small white flowers throughout the year. These flowers will also entice a few birds to the garden. This native is best used for hedging or screening as it can be pruned to the desired look. Plant Goodbye Neighbours in areas of full to part sun and in moist free-draining soils. This variety is tolerant to most conditions including drought, wind, some slight salt spray and light frost once established. It is also highly resistant to psyllids. Goodbye Neighbours requires very little maintenance. Water the plant well until established. Occasional watering may be required depending on the climate. Prune as desired.


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Lilly Pilly Goodbye Neighbours

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