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If you are looking for a narrower hedging Lilly pilly this could be the one. Syzygium Straight and Narrow is a narrow upright, bushy and compact variety which is also psyllid resistant. A beautiful dense shrub, the green foliage has bronze tips and bares the fluffy flowers typical of most lilly pilly, and these are followed by the fruit which is a pink to red and adds another interest to this lovely plant. Ideal for along fence-lines and narrow driveways they can also make a nice topiary. Perfect as a potted statement plant or in courtyards and larger sculptured landscapes alike. Syzygium Straight and Narrow prefers a moist well draining soil, and likes to be well mulched with a chunky mulch and will tolerate dry periods once established, and also cold periods. Fertilizing with a slow-release fertilizer in spring should keep Straight and Narrow looking healthy and happy, and a light prune twice yearly will keep it tidy, or less frequently for a wider screen plant.


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LIlly Pilly Syzygium Straight and Narrow (PBR)

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