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Emerald Cascade' is a stand out tough-as-nails garden performer, tolerating a wide range of adverse conditions. Not only will Emerald Cascade tolerate extended periods of dryness in situations such as beneath the eaves of a home, or under the canopy of a tree, it also does well with minimal care inside the home or office. 'Emerald Cascade' has dramatic weeping emerald green foliage, and produces cobalt blue berries in the spring and summer. It is non-invasive, spreading slowly to form graceful thick mounds of foliage, and makes for a dense ground cover when planted en masse. It's for this reason that it lends itself perfectly to low maintenance landscapes, in both the domestic and public open space environments. Emerald Cascade is without a doubt, one of the toughest plants available for the landscape and will find itself at home in most situations. Extremely low water requirements once established, requiring only occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat. Emerald Cascade grows well in most soil types and is low maintenance. No pruning required. Simply feed in spring with a slow release general purpose fertiliser according to manufacturer directions for optimum results Small gardens, patios and courtyards. Indoors, requiring low light and is very tough. Mass planting as a low maintenance ground cover. Planting beneath open canopy trees. Ideal for edging garden beds or paved surfaces (plant 20cm apart). Use around poolside landscapes and entertainment areas to add a lush atmosphere.

Liriope Emerald Cascade (PBR) Weeping Liriope

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