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Nectarine 'fantasia' is one of the best garden varieties. Fantasia produces large, yellow freestone, and very edible fruit which is firm and fleshy when ripe, and very juicy. The flavour is sweet, tangy, and very rich. As fruit ripens about late August they turn a bright orange-red over yellow background. The crop from this lovely tree can be so abundant they may need thinning to acheive the best quality fruit. The foliage is longish, slender, rather gracefull, and an attractive rich shade of green. The fantasia is also self-fertile. Nectarines are deciduous during winter, while flowering attractive pink blooms along the upright branches closer to spring, and during this season is an excellant ornamental tree perfect for the domestic or cottage garden. Can also be espaliered across a wall.The fruit of this above-average plant can be eaten fresh, dried, made into conserves and fruit salads to mention a few. Nectarines are a valuable food source as they are low in calories and packed with antioxidents, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Nectarine Fantasia enjoys full sun, 6-8 hrs ideally, well-drained fertile soil. Fantasia is also cold and frost tolerant and if you are planting during winter, if the soil is workable and no hard frost expected, it is fine to plant almost anytime. Manure enriched soil is welcome along with compost and mulch to retain moisture and deter weeds. Pruning is required to maintain shape and health of your fruit trees. Nectarine 'fantasia' will grow to 2.5m high and 2.5m wide.


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Nectarine Fantasia

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