Olea 'Frantoio' is a tree that is fast-growing and crops well. This tree is acclaimed as one of the best varieties in oil production and is commercially grown in many olive-growing areas. This plant is high, consistent productivity and self pollinates. This variety produces small to medium-sized fruit, with a slightly nutty flavour when pickled. Those fruits set early in March, and ripens gradually through the year til September and so allows for a longer harvest. When mature, the fruit comes as purple-black in colour.


This plant makes for an ideal addition to garden and landscapes as an attractive specimen tree or shade trees. They are also used as hedging, espalier (planted across a flat wall) or in a pot.

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Olive Tree Olea Europaea Frantoio

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  • Olea Frantoio will thrive in warm regions with cool winters. Extended dry, hot conditions during summer months will encourage fruit development. Olea 'Frantoio is relatively low maintenance: it tolerates drought seasons and easily adaptable to coastal conditions. This variety is also very resistant to extreme cold.

  • Plant Type Olive Tree
    Mature Dimension (HxW) 9m x 6m
    Sun Exposure Full Sun
    Bird / Wildlife Attracting Yes
    Foliage Type Cuneate
    Foliage Colour Green, Silver, Grey
    Flowering Yes, Panicples, during spring and summer
    Flower Colour Cream, White
    Fruiting Yes
    Fruit Season March to September