The Manzanillo is a fast-growing tree that is native to the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. This plant is a relatively low, spreading olive tree that is a fairly regular annual bearer with the fruit becoming ready early in the season. These fruits are ideal in martinis and as a table olive. 


This plant makes for an ideal addition to garden and landscapes as an attractive specimen tree or shade trees. They are also used as hedging, espalier (planted across a flat wall) or in a pot.


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Olive Tree Olea Manzanillo

  • Thriving in warm regions with cool winters. Extended dry, hot conditions during summer months will encourage fruit development. Olea 'Manzanillo' is relatively low maintenance, drought-tolerant and easily adaptable to coastal conditions.

  • Plant Type Olive Tree
    Mature Dimension (HxW) 9m x 6m
    Sun Exposure Full Sun
    Bird / Wildlife Attracting Yes
    Foliage Type Cuneate
    Foliage Colour Green, Silver, Grey
    Flowering Yes, Panicles, during spring and summer
    Flower Colour Cream, White
    Fruiting Yes
    Fruit Season March to September