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A vigorous and hardy evergreen climber bearing a mass of showy, white trumpet shaped flowers throughout the warmer months. This fast growing climber is ideal for covering walls, fences and pergolas and can be used as a groundcover. Prefers a sunny position in moist, well drained soil and will tolerate periods of dryness. Prune after flowering to manage growth. Pandorea Snowbells can reach a height of 5m and a width of 1-2m.


Common NameWonga Wonga Vine
Plant TypeClimber, Evergreen
Dimensions5m high x 1-2m wide
SunlightFull Sun, Part Sun
Bird/Wildlife AttractingNo
Flower ColourWhite
Foliage ColourGreen
Botanical GenusPandorea
Botanical Speciespandorana
Flower TypeCampanulate - Bell Shaped, With The Segments Gently Flaring
Foliage TypeLanceolate - Pointed At Both Ends
Market NameSnowbells - Hanger Included
Width200 cm
Height500 cm



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Pandorea Snowbells

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