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This variety is considered to be one of the best plums. Santa Rosa is a fast-growing variety, producing large rounded fruit, with a purplish-crimson skin and flavorsome yellow mildly sweet flesh with a red blush just below the skin. The fruit is ideal for juice, jam, stewing, or plucking straight off the branch and eating fresh. The tree itself is deciduous with green foliage that turns yellow before falling in autumn followed by pale blue flowers during spring. An ideal specimen for those with small to medium gardens. Plant in an open, sunny position in well-drained soil. This variety will benefit greatly when a pollinator such as Mariposa, is planted in proximity as this will encourage added fruit development. For best results keep moist until established and mulch well to conserve moisture. Requires moderate maintenance, prune after harvest to manage branch growth and to prevent overcrowding. Santa Rosa Plum can grow to a height and width of 4 m.


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Plum Santa Rosa

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