Commonly known as the Rosewood tree and Pride of Bolivia, Tipuana tipu is a native of South America. This stunning ornamental is a fast growing, deciduous shade tree, of beautiful lacy light green foliage and masses of bright apricot-yellow flowers that are displayed briefly in Summer. Widely used in lawns, carparks, gardens and as street trees, Tipuana will grow nearly anywhere in Australia, can adapt to most soil types and is tolerant to drought, frost and beachside conditions. Tipuana tipu can grow to a height of up to 20 metres and a width of 12 metres.


Common Name Pride of Bolivia, Rosewood
Plant Type Evergreen, Tree
Dimensions 20m high x 12m wide
Sunlight Full Sun
Bird/Wildlife Attracting Yes
Flower Colour Yellow
Foliage Colour Green
Flowering Season Summer
Botanical Genus Tipuana
Botanical Species tipu
Flower Type Pea Shaped Flower
Foliage Type Elliptic - Oval-shaped, Small Or No Point
Width 1200 cm
Height 2000 cm



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Pride of Bolivia Rosewood Tree