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Rosemary Tuscany Blue serves as both a kitchen herb and an ornamental plant that adds beauty to any perennial garden. The most popular of all Rosemary varieties, Tuscany Blue blooms deep blue flowers in winter that contrast beautifully with its fresh, highly fragrant, broad mid-green leaves. Due to its sturdy upright growth habit, Tuscany Blue makes for an ideal hedge for any backyard garden. It is excellent for adding a Mediterranean feel or letting it grow unrestrained in your veggie patch, picking as you require. These attractive herbs have a multitude of uses for their foliage and flowers, like flavoring meats for that Sunday leg of ham. Some people have been known to use aromatic essential oil for other purposes like relaxing aching joints and even as an antiseptic. Growing best in a hot, dry, sunny position with moist well-drained soil, it is drought tolerant once established and prefers to stay fairly dry in winter. Prune after flowering to maintain a bushy, compact habit. Rosmarinus officinalis Tuscany Blue grows to a height of 1 - 1.5 m and a width of 1- 2 ms.

Rosemary 'Rosmarinus' Blue Lagoon

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