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Commonly known as the West Australian Weeping Peppermint, Agonis flexuosa can be found in many backyards, gardens, and landscapes across the state. This medium-sized tree produces pendulous green leaves with red new growth providing a stunning contrast. It has a weeping habit and produces masses of small white flowers in spring. Agonis flexuosa is an ideal specimen tree and once mature a very useful shade tree. Agonis flexuosa is also a tough street tree or looks stunning mass planted in parklands or along pathways. As the tree ages, the trunk takes on a character of its own and has some interesting creases and bumps. This particular variety prefers full sun and will thrive on the coast in sandy well-drained soils, which makes it suitable for many areas in the southwest. Agonis flexuosa is hardy and withstands drought and dry conditions. Agonis flexuosa is relatively low maintenance. For best results, opt for a slow-release native fertilizer and feed during early spring. Agonis flexuosa will most of the time only grow to about 10 m high, but can sometimes reach 14m and width of 10 m. West Australian Weeping Peppermint for sale in Perth. Buy West Australian Weeping


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West Australian Weeping Peppermint 'Agonis flexuosa'

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