An exotic tropical feature plant, the Yucca Silver star adds a striking architecture feature to any pool or garden with its sword-shaped leaves line with serrated margins. The leaves are variegated with two tones: green in their centre and silver in the margins. The leaf sprouts from a single trunk and populates themselves throughout the length of the trunk as it grows.

Use this plant to decorate borders or to create a feature display in a pot or container.

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Yucca Silver Star

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    • Place in an area of full sun to part shade.
    • Plant in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil.
    • Water well during establishment and active growth periods,
      Water sparingly through rest periods.
    • Remove spent foliage from the branches.
    • Fertilize annually with a long-term slow-release fertilizer.

    NOT Tolerant of these conditions
    Waterlogging and overwatering.

    Tolerant of these conditions
    Extreme drought, Extreme heat,

  • Botanical Name

    Yucca elephantipes

    Plant Type

    Tropical Strappy Leaf Shrub

    Mature Dimensions

    (Height x Spread)

    6-9 m x 4 m

    Sun Exposure

    Full Sun, Part Sun



    Bird and Wildlife Attracting?


    Foliage Type

    Elongated Linear Leaves in a Rosette Arrangement

    Foliage Colour



    Yes, Campanulate - Bell Shaped, With The Segments Gently Flaring