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A popular variaety of indoor plant, Yucca elephantipes is a small palm like plant with smoth spineless leaves and a smooth trunk. Put it in a living space as a tropical indoor plant or as a patio potted feature.

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Yucca Elephantipes

    • Place in a Part Sun position or in medium filtered light
    • Plant in a good potting mix
    • Water once per Week, Allow the soil to dry between watering
    • Fertilize once a month when there is good light

    Remove dry leaves to maintain look and use the leaves as fertilizer. If the plant becomes too big, chop (or saw) the entire top of the plant of and allow foliage to regrow.

  • Botanical Name

    Yucca elephantipes

    Plant Type

    Tropical Strappy-Leaf Succulent

    Mature Growth Dimensions

    (Height x Spread)

    9 m x 3 m

    Sun Exposure

    Full Sun, Part Sun



    Bird and Wildlife Attracting?


    Foliage Type

    Linear Lanceolate in rosette arrangement

    Foliage Colour



    Yes, Campanulate - Bell Shaped, With The Segments Gently Flaring

    Flower Colour

    White, Cream

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